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General Information

Jogjakarta : The city of Javanese culture.

Borobudur Temple : The biggest Buddhist temple in the world ; one of seven wonders.

Prambanan Temple : The biggest Hindu temple in Indonesia and the  UNESCO world heritage site.

Semarang : The capital city of Central Java.

Karimunjava : A small - virgin archipelago of Java Island.

Bukit Cinta : A hill where you may find the entire landscape of Karimun Jawa from the top of the hill.

Going to Karimunjava by turbo jet.

Tanjung Gelam Beach : A white sandy beach where you may see the beautiful sunset.

Menjangan Big and Small Island : Islands where you may swim with tame sharks.

Cemara Island : A spot to snorkel to witness the underwater beauty.

Surabaya : The capital City of East Java  and the second biggest city after Jakarta ; A gateway to Mount Bromo.


Day 1 : Jakarta - Yogyakarta - Malioboro

On the first day, on arrival in Jogjakarta, you will be invited to walk around on Malioboro Street which is well-known as the shopping centre. It is a heaven for tourist to go shopping. Find the cheap various souvenirs offered by the sellers. Besides that, Malioboro is considered as “a stage” for the musicians to show their performance. This street never fades away; it always attracts the tourists to visit.  It also may inspire many people to create creativity as musicians did. Afterwards, you are transferred to hotel to take a rest. 

  • Breakfast : -
  • Lunch : -
  • Dinner : Indonesian / Chinese Food
  • stay at 4 Star Hotel in Yogyakarta
Day 2 : Yogyakarta-Borobudur-Keraton-Garden-Jepara

On the second day, you will be guided to visit the historical places of Jogjakarta. It is considered as the city of javanese culture that you may find the histories behind. First trip will be begun by going to Magelang to visit Borobudur Temple. It is the Buddhist biggest temple of the world. It is also one of the seven wonders. This stupas- shaped temple was established in 8th century AD. The temple is stuffed with the most complete Buddhist reliefs’ collection in the world.

After visiting Borobudur Temple, go back to Jogjakarta to visit The Palace of Yogyakarta or Keraton of Yogyakarta which was built by Sultan Hamengku Buwono I after Giyanti agreement in 1755. The palace is a home for the king and family. Some of the palace areas are used as museums to keep Sultan’s collections. The palace is considered as the flame guard of Javanese culture because it is still preserved well there. Enjoy the art performance which is scheduled in different times which includes the traditional art performance. The art performances may include puppet show, macapat (singing a Javanese traditional song with Javanese singing technique), and dances. Discover the various culture that remains you memorable moments.

After visiting the palace, set out to Taman Sari situated near Keraton of Yogyakarta. It is a former of royal garden of Sultanate which was built by Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono I (1758-1765), completed with the building, bathing pool, hanging bridge, underground tunnels, water channels, artificial lake, and artificial island.

After having the historical trip, you will be guided to the northern of Java, Jepara. On arrival in Jepara, transfer to the hotel near a beach to take a rest.

  • Breakfast : Hotel Service
  • Lunch : Indonesian / Chinese Food
  • Dinner : Indonesian / Chinese Food
  • stay at 3 Star Hotel in Jepara
Day 3 : Jepara - Karimunjava

After having delicious breakfast, continue to Jepara Port by luxurious turbo jet which is so enjoyable and completed with AC. The trip will take approximately 2 hours to reach Karimunjawa. After arriving in Karimunjawa, check in to hotel directly.

After having a hearty lunch, you are invited to see Mangrove Forest. Go around the forest to see the wooden board and find the high greenery. While enjoying them, feel the peaceful atmosphere by hearing the Kuntul Karang and Cekakak Sungai birds chirp. After walking about 700 meters, find Pandang Tower. Enjoy the panorama of Big Cemara, Small Cemara, and Menyawakan Island from the highest part of the tower.

After that, set out to Bukit Cinta (Love Hill). Overlook the stunning scenery of Karimunjava form the crest. 

Then, you are transferred to Galam Beach. Relax yourself by having the coconut water. Afterward, witness the beautiful sunset from the beach. Warm water of the sea is also worth to feel while waiting for the sunset. 

  • Breakfast : Hotel Service
  • Lunch : Indonesian / Chinese Food
  • Dinner : Indonesian / Chinese Food
  • stay at 3 Star Hotel in Karimunjawa
Day 4 : Karimunjava

On the fourth day, do the adventure by visiting some islands of Karimunjava such as Big Menjangan and Small Menjangan Island. Get pleasure from the marine park by seeing the wonderful coral reefs and small fish which are well-preserved. Besides that, enjoy your day by having the sunbathing to get the sunshine and be delightful with the available seafood.

On that beautiful day, get the memorable experience by swimming with the tame shark which will bring you to the great sensation along with one of predators in the world. This location is also well known as the biggest shark conservation in Asia. Capture every single moment there with the sharks which may include the white wild and other sharks. 

After visiting the islands, continue your trip by visiting an uninhabited island,  Small Cemara Island. Enjoy the white sand around the small island. To get closer to the island, you have to alight from the boat and stroll along the island because it is not completed with a dock and has shallow water around. Do another attractive activity in this beautiful place by snorkeling and diving. After doing the pleasant activities, return to hotel to take a rest. 

  • Breakfast : Hotel Service
  • Lunch : Indonesian / Chinese Food
  • Dinner : Indonesian / Chinese Food
  • stay at 3 Star Hotel in Karimunjawa
Day 5 : Karimunjava - Jepara - Bromo

This day will be the last day having adventure in Karimunjava. You will return to Jepara by Turbo Jet. Then you will leave to East Java to  hotel near Mount Bromo.

  • Breakfast : Hotel Service
  • Lunch : Indonesian / Chinese Food
  • Dinner : Indonesian / Chinese Food
  • stay at Hotel in Bromo
Day 6 : Bromo - Surabaya

Start your trip at dawn at 02.00 a.m. before the sunrise by going to Penanjakan Peak by jeep. Feel the sensation of nature by overlooking the sunrise with the chilly atmosphere and wonderful background view of Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo is an active volcano in Indonesia with the height is 2.392 MASL. In the same location, you will also awesome Mount Semeru which is widely known as the highest mountain in Java Island. Behold to the smoke coming out from the crater that may be seen from a distance. At the same time, immerse the beautiful sunrise which will appear beautifully. After enjoying the sunrise, continue to see Mount Bromo in a short distance away. By riding a horse passing through sandy area like in a desert, you are guided to the crater of Mount Bromo and you have to step to a thousand stairs to see the volcano crater.

After having the delicious breakfast, you will go back to Surabaya. On arrival in Surabaya, you are transferred to the hotel to take a nice rest. When you are on the way, witness the view of Surabaya at night. Surabaya is the capital city of East Java Province and the second biggest city after Jakarta.

  • Breakfast : Hotel Service
  • Lunch : Indonesian / Chinese Food
  • Dinner : Indonesian / Chinese Food
  • stay at 4 Star Hotel in Surabaya
Day 7 : Surabaya

The seventh day is the last day for you after the long trip in Java Island. Afterwards, prepare yourself to go back to your country.

  • Breakfast : Hotel Service
  • Lunch : -
  • Dinner : -
  • stay at -


    All Land Transportation

    Boat in Karimunjava

    All Accommodations/Hotels (including Breakfast)

         1 Night at  4 Star Hotel Yogyakarta

         1 Night at 3 Star Hotel Jepara

         2 Nights at 3 Star Hotel Karimunjava

         1 Night at 3 Star Hotel Probolinggo

         1 Night at 4 Star Hotel Surabaya

    Meals during the tour

         Five times lunch

         Six times dinner

    Mineral Water

    Local Tour  Guide (Mandarin)

    Entrance ticket for the mentioned destinations



    Flights from your country to Semarang

    Optional Tour

    Snorkeling Equipment

    - Horse in Bromo Rp. 150.000

    Guide tips USD 5/pax/day

    Driver tips

    Airport Taxes and Extra Baggage Charges

    Travel Insurance

    Items of personal expenses: drinks, calls, laundry, etc


Other Information

    The air temperature is about 24°-34°C in the afternoon  and  21°-26°C in the evening. The rainfall is quite high. Therefore, after raining, there will be temperature decrease.

    Karimunjava Island is a small archipelago located in the middle of the sea. The area is dominated with the hills and mangrove forest.

    Bring your own needs and medicines based on the doctor prescription if you have.

    Plug and Socket are two wholes type with 220 volt voltage.

    Food: Based on the 8 meals and 1 soup in Local Restaurant (Chinese Food or Indonesian Food)

    Extend your passport if the expired date is less than 6 months. 




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