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General Information

- Papua : An island located on the eastern Indonesia. The second biggest island after Greenland Island , Denmark. The area is 890,000 Km² (if it is merged with Papua New Guinea.

- The Papua indigenous people have dark skin.

Wamena : A city located inJayawijaya region, Papua Province. It is also the capital city.

- Dani Tribe : The original tribe of Wamena which is still primitive and wearing Koteka. They live at Hanoi.

Mumy Kurulu Jiwika Village.

SentaniLake : A wide lake surrounded by mountains which has 22 small islands in the middle of it.


Day 1 : Jakarta - Jayapura

In the afternoon, get the meeting point at Soekarno Hatta Jakarta International Airport. In the evening, fly to the eastern tip of Indonesia, Jayapura – Papua. It is the largest island of Indonesia which is rich with the crops. It is also well known with the exotic of the nature which the shape is similar to a bird.

  • Breakfast : -
  • Lunch : -
  • Dinner : Indonesian / Chinese Food
  • stay at The plane
Day 2 : Jayapura - Wamena

You will arrive in Jayapura, Papua in the morning. By having the local flight, you will fly to Wamena. It is located on valley and mountain area. The valley height is 1800 MASL. It is named Baliem because it is flowed by Baliem river which is flanked by Jayawijaya Mountainous on the eastern.  Feel the fresh air of Wamena.

Wamena has the indigenous tribe which lives in particular area at Baliem Valley. It  is known as Dani Tribe. This tribe does not have clothes, yet they wear “Koteka” (to cover man vital organ) which is made of “Kunden” or pumpkin. The women also wear special cloth which is made of grass or fibrous material. They live in “Honai-Honai” ( A traditional house made of straw). They still uphold their traditions. Some religious ceremonies and conflicts between tribes does still exist.

In wamena, you will be invited to walk on a hanging bridge and go around the traditional market to see the purchase and sell process. They frequently still use the old process which uses barter system. The sold goods are to fulfill Dani tribe needs. The market also doesn’t open every day and it usually open in several hours. It is located in the middle of jungle. Instead of conditional market, there is another market called Jibama which is considered as the biggest market in Wamena. The market usually sells the local crops such as vegetables, fruits and tobaccos. The local handcrafts are also available there such as Koteka, Noken (Papua women’s bag) and yeranggen (jewelry made of pig fangs). After walking around, return to hotel to stay overnight. AC is not available at the hotel because the atmosphere is already cool.

  • Breakfast : Based on the location condition.
  • Lunch : Based on the location condition.
  • Dinner : Based on the location condition.
  • stay at Hotel in Wamena
Day 3 : Wamena

On the third day, you will be invited to go around in Kurima region. During your way heading to the region, discover the beautiful scenery of small river which seems like splitting valley. Enjoy also the wide field view of local people that will refresh your mind. See also the view of activities done by the society.

Experience the impressive moment by seeing a mummy tribal leader of the local region namely Winmotok Mabel who is honored by society. It has been 360 years. The mummy is well known as Kurulu because it is placed at Jiwika village, Kurulu region.

Besides seeing the mummy, find a war dance which is done by seven men or more in a group. In the show, the dancers wear traditional costume and bring an arrow as their attribute. With the accompaniment of traditional music and the war song is chanted, the dancers dance energetically as warrior who will do war. After enjoying the show, you are transferred to hotel. 

  • Breakfast : Hotel Service
  • Lunch : Based on the location condition.
  • Dinner : Based on the location condition.
  • stay at Hotel in Wamena
Day 4 : Wamena - Jayapura

In the morning, start your day by flying to Jayapura. On arrival in Jayapura, you will be invited to visit Sentani Lake. It is the biggest lake of Jayapura where you may find small lands which look like islands that can be seen during your flight from the plane. There are 22 islands of Sentani Lake. With the Mount Cyclops background in the northern and green trees, you will amaze with the beauty of the landscape. Around the lake, there are 24 villages which are inhibited by many inhabitants and local tribes. 

After get the satisfaction enjoying yourself at Sentani Lake, visit the traditional market, fish market and bay located in Jayapura. Then, back to hotel to take a rest.

  • Breakfast : Hotel Service
  • Lunch : Based on the location condition.
  • Dinner : Based on the location condition.
  • stay at 4 Star Hotel in Jayapura
Day 5 : Jayapura - Jakarta

After leaving Kepala Burung Island, you will be given a chance to enjoy the nature of Jayapura before going to the airport to go back to Jakarta and fly to your country.

  • Breakfast : Hotel Service
  • Lunch : -
  • Dinner : -
  • stay at -


    The flight of Jakarta – Jayapura – Jakarta.

    - The flight of Jayapura – Wamena - Jayapura.

    All Land Transportation.

    Boats during the tour.

    All Accommodations/Hotels (including Breakfast).

        2 Night at Homestay Wamena.

        2 Nights at 4 Star Hotel Jayapura.

    Meals during the tour.

        One times breakfast

        Three times lunch.

         Four times dinner.

    Mineral water.

    Local Tour Guide (Mandarin).

    - Entrance ticket for the mentioned destinations



    - Flights from your country to Jakarta

    Optional Tour.

    Camera Charge (there will be camera charge for some places).

    Guide tips USD 5/day/pax

    Driver tips

    Airport Taxes and Extra Baggage Charges.

    Travel Insurance.

    Items of personal expenses: drinks, calls, laundry, etc.


Other Information

    The air temperature is about 24°-34°C in the afternoon  and  21°-26°C in the evening. The rainfall is quite high. Therefore, after raining, there will be temperature decrease.

    Papua is the biggest island located on the eastern Indonesia which is dominated by mountains, valleys, fields, forests, rivers and lakes.

    Bring your own needs and medicines based on the doctor prescription if you have.

    Plug and Socket are two wholes type with 220 volt voltage.

    Meal: based on the location condition.

    Extend your passport if the expired date is less than 6 months.




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